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Scientific Positions

Currently, there are no jobs available.

Jobs for Students immatriculated at University of Cologne (SHK/HiWi Jobs)

Currently, there are SHK jobs available. If you ...

  • are immatriculated at University of Cologne,
  • are studying computer science, (economics and) computer science, mathematics, physics, or chemistry,
  • are interested in interdisciplinary project work in the disciplines:
    archaeology, biology, chemistry, computational fluid dynamics, finite element methods, high-performance computing, medicine, sports, etc.,
  • are interested in getting deeper insights in the following fields:
    • Computer Graphics,
    • Scientific Visualization,
    • Virtual Reality,
    • Augmented Reality,
    • Object Oriented Programming,
    • Parallel Programming,
  • are interested in gaining practical programming skills in our research projects,
  • have some programming knowledge,
  • want to get work experience in a team on large projects,
  • want to earn some money,

please contact us for more information!