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Dipl.-Inf. Daniel Wickeroth

Portrait Daniel Wickeroth

University of Cologne
Chair of Computer Science Prof. Lang
Weyertal 121
Building 133
50931 Köln

Phone: (0221) 478-89616
Fax: (0221) 478-478-5590

E-Mail: wickeroth(at)


A choice of the projects I have been working on lately:

  • Gesture Interaction: Using hand gestures for manipulation of 3D objects in Virtual Environments.
  • Mosgrid Portlet: A JSR-168 compliant portlet for job creation, configuration and submission over the web.
  • CoSpaces: Collaborative Environments for Designers and Engineers.
  • Faustina Thermae in Milet: Reconstruction of roman thermae in today's turkey.

Student Projects

The following projects were carried out by students under my supervision:

  • 3D Multitouch: 3D Stereoscopic Multitouch Gesture Interaction.
  • WiiMote Interaction: Using the WiiMote for navigation, selection and manipulation in Virtual Environments.


  • Regenbrecht, H., Wickeroth, D., Dixon, B., Müller, S. (2006). Collaborative Mixed Reality Exposure Therapy. In: Cyberworlds 2006: pp. 25-32.