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Visionaray - A C++ ray tracing template library

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  • Großansicht:
    Disney's Moana Island Scene, shotCam (https://www.technology.disneyanimation.com/islandscene)
  • Großansicht:
    Disney's Moana Island Scene, dunesACam (https://www.technology.disneyanimation.com/islandscene)
  • Großansicht:
    Disney's Moana Island Scene, beachCam (https://www.technology.disneyanimation.com/islandscene)
  • Großansicht:
    Disney's Moana Island Scene, birdseyeCam (https://www.technology.disneyanimation.com/islandscene)
  • Großansicht:
    Disney's Moana Island Scene, rootsCam (https://www.technology.disneyanimation.com/islandscene)
  • Großansicht:
    The Grey & White Room (https://benedikt-bitterli.me/resources/)
  • Großansicht:
    Crytek Sponza model by Frank Meinl (https://casual-effects.com/data/)

Visionaray's strengths are:

  • Open Source: Visionaray is licensed under the flexible MIT license.
  • Cross-platform: Intel CPUs, Nvidia GPUs, Xilinx FPGAs (work in progress). No duplicate code, all platforms targeted from the same C++ code.
  • High flexibility through kernel- and scheduler-based architecture. Kernels describe what a ray does, schedulers describe how a ray is spawned.
    • Built-in kernels: simple ray casting, "Whitted"-style ray tracing, "Kajiya"-style path tracing.
    • Built-in schedulers: simple (scanline, single-threaded), tiled (multi-threaded), TBB, CUDA.
    • User can write custom schedulers and kernels.
  • Built-in performance primitives: SIMD short vector library, fast SBVH builder and traversal, texture support, physically based materials, etc.
  • VR support: Visionaray comes with a plugin for the virtual reality renderer OpenCOVER.

Download Visionaray: http://github.com/szellmann/visionaray


Tutorial Series on medium.com: https://medium.com/@stefanzellmann

Facebook Sitehttps://www.facebook.com/visionaray