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Architecture and Programming Models for GPUs and Coprocessors

Lecturer: PD Dr. Stefan Zellmann
Dates: Lecture: Thu & Fri, 12pm (recorded), exercises: Thu 2pm (via Zoom), first session on Apr 29.
ILIAS: https://www.ilias.uni-koeln.de/ilias/goto_uk_crs_3863074.html

Course material on Ilias and on this website.

Invited Talk "Hardware Accelerated Ray Tracing using OptiX 7"

We will have an invited talk over Zoom on Jul 8, 2021, 5pm.

Hardware Accelerated Ray Tracing using OptiX 7
Nate Morrical (University of Utah, SCI & NVIDIA Corp.)

Recent GPU architectures are adopting ray tracing hardware, which can be used to achieve advanced visual effects that are otherwise difficult to do with traditional rasterization pipelines. This lecture is aimed at programmers interested in using OptiX to write hardware-accelerated ray tracing applications on the GPU. It will start with the general concepts behind OptiX, including the ray-tracing pipeline and shader binding tables, and then will walk through a series of examples that build off each other to demonstrate the different features of the ray-tracing pipeline and their potential use cases.